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A wellhead is built up as the well is drilled. First the surface casing, then the

intermediate casing strings. Lastly, there is the production casing which goes down through the

oil producing formation. This piece of equipment is made up of components that support and

seal the downhole tubing at the surface. Downhole tubing consists of the casing strings and the

tubing strings.


The production tubing strings are then run inside the production casing strings. The production

tubing strings are hung either in tension (stretched) or in compression. This is calculated from the

expected well flowing conditions. When the tubing becomes hot it expands and becomes longer.

When the tubing becomes cold, during well stimulation operations, it contracts and becomes

shorter. When there is pressure in the tubing it balloons and becomes shorter. All this movement

of the tubing strings has to be compensated for at the design stage of the completion.


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course the trainee will be able to:

*Identify and explain the various parts and functions of the surface equipment that make up a single zone or dual zone oil or gas wellhead.

*Explain how to open up a well and bring that well into production.

*State the pressure ratings of wellhead equipment assembly and their applications


Course Content:

*Introduction and Function of Well Head Equipment

*Wellheads- General Application

(Support of the weight of the downhole tubing, Safely contain the maximum surface pressure to which the well will be exposed, Provide a way to control the flow of well fluids, Permit access into the well for servicing, Provide a way to ‘kill’ the well, when necessary)

*The Wellhead

*Christmas Tree and Wellhead Valves

*Wellhead Pressure Gauge Points

*Opening a well to Production

*Subsea and Subsurface Wellhead/flowline  and Safety Valves


 Faculty: Professor Duru Appah and Engr.Ubani Chikwendu , IPS, Uniport and Mr M.I. Ofili


January 1, 2015 @ 7:00 am
January 1, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
₦000 - ₦100


Kilometre 16/17 Port Harcourt/Aba Expressway, No 53 Okporo Road, Off Artillery Junction
PortHarcourt, PortHarcourt 23401 Nigeria
0803 888 1181


0803 888 1181